February 16, 2013


I am reminded this week of the tension we live in, even in the peace that God gives us.  In a season of what I personally call "holy dissatisfaction" and the constant question "there must be more than this", the full circle brings me back to the foundation of life and faith.

It is enough for me to sit quietly with You Lord.  I ask You who I am and You reply "Mine" and it is enough.  Accepted in the Beloved, loved by the One who first thought of me and who saw me before any other eyes.  It is enough to be quiet and content in a love without words, without demands or expectation.

Before I was born You were enough.  As I grew and grappled with life, You were enough.  When I spun out and struggled with life, You remained quietly constant.  Somehow You led me back to the deep pool of Your presence.  There I bathed in Your kindness, was washed clean, and began again.

You drew me into the silent place that is Yours alone.  You maintain the silence within me - in all the screaming rush of life You remain steady and sure.

You pour out Your love it never ends, and You reach beyond me to others You knew first, and lay Your hand on them again.  What patience, what kindness, what love!

February 08, 2013

Rest in Peace Paul Holmes

You, Paul Holmes, who in your life sometimes divided opinion and caused controversy as you held your course have, in your death, brought together something of the best that can be found in those who inhabit this nation.

Tears are still streaming down my cheeks as I write this.  It was something of great moment to watch a piper playing "Amazing Grace" lead out on your very final journey.  Beside you young Maori honoured you and bid you farewell and a safe journey, and the church, who represent God's love in this nation, walked before and behind you.

I suspect if we will let our eyes see it, something of enormous significance has been set in motion as this seed falls into well-ploughed earth.

February 06, 2013



"This is the land where you have given me roots in eternity, O God of heaven and earth.

This is the burning promised land, the house of God, the gate of heaven, the place of peace, the place of silence, the place of wrestling with the angel."

Thomas Merton "A book of hours".

I have such a witness to this today to this place and believe many are in it 'wrestling with the angel' as Jacob did to become Israel.  This is the place where God prevails in and over our lives for His greater purpose.  God has chosen to put our roots in this land for His purpose, without this knowledge nothing will ever make sense.

We hang on to You Lord and we will not let go.  The answers are all in You, the way is only in You.  The purpose for our lives and our nation are found in You.  The new name, the new beginning, is from you, no-one else knows it.  All that we are and will ever be, individually and as a nation, only makes sense in Your hands and Your will.  We cannot and will not let go of You, until you bless us and Your Name and favour rest upon us.

We seek your heart and purpose for this land, show us what to pray, what to be, what to do for this land Lord God, that she will shine like a star in the midst of the nations and be the fulfillment of all that was in your heart for her at the time of creation.