September 14, 2009


Recently, while sitting quietly and praying, I had a vision/pictures of Jesus coming and holding me as I wept, as you would a child, not speaking or doing anything, just being there.

Then, as He held me, His power was pouring out across the heavens like a meteor moving at powerful speed.  I felt "this is happening now".

Following this I saw myself sitting on a stone wall beside Him looking outwards towards the horizon.  I could see the flow of power like a transparent, liquid force, like a moving picture as it moved from earth up into the heavens.  A powerful creative force, never ceasing.  The words "all creation on the move" came to my mind.

As this force touched heaven it split into streams that flowed out in all directions over the earth.  It looked like a huge fountain of sparkling power.  Then I heard the words "Do not try to name this, you do not know it at all."

I saw the streams flow into rivers and make them clean; over desert sands and give them life; through forests regenerating growth; and coral reefs living, vibrant and colourful again.

This is God, creation is His, He is coming to give life and newness to all things.  In the midst of this flow people are clothed and healed, the hungry are receiving food, the armies of evil are driven back.

The question arose: "Will we believe the report of God or man?"  His life is undiminished and is flowing freely throughout the earth, but most eyes don't see it.

I hear the bombardment of human voices and sounds that prevent ears from hearing.  I see the flashing of man-made images that captivate eyes and keep them from heaven's vision.  I see hearts assaulted and wounded by human emotions and actions so that they cannot feel the love of God.

We must break into heaven's flow, it is for NOW, for today, available and free.

For those who pray - cry out that there would be a breaking of these chains that hold and bind, of blindness and deafness that has become comfortable - let it become uncomfortable so that the BREAK OUT would come.

I hear the call "Break out, break out, break out ... now .... today ... before it is too late."

It is a dry cloud of man-made dust that keeps us from heaven's flow ... "Break out!"

As I sit watching, all the streams have become one great sea and there are people swimming, and comfortable, in this deep calm water.  They are clean and strong, in need of nothing, and able to breathe above or below the water.

Hab 2:14  Meanwhile the earth fills up with awareness of GOD's glory as the waters cover the sea.  (The Message)