March 29, 2009

The Way Home

Where do we go when the grace runs out,

when we feel alone, and there's no way out?

What do we do when we need to cry

but it's not yet time and our eyes stay dry?

What is the answer, where is the way,

how can we find strength to go through today?

There is a place that is quiet and clear,

a place where the peace run deep and near,

there is a place that is free of strife

a place to take a break from the rest of life.

How do we go there, and what is the way,

is there a map, do we have to pay?


The price was paid a long time ago

and there is nothing to do but to go,

into the deep, abiding love, of the One

who made us, and gave us His Son.

No cry for help goes unheard, by the

Father who cares and gave us His Word.

This is no fallible earthly man, who in his

humanity falls time and again,

No, this is the One who is always the same,

quietly waiting a call on His Name.

"Father help me" awakens His heart

and He moves in great power to give a new start.

March 22, 2009


Give me the truths which are veiled by
the doctrines and articles of faith,
which are masked by the pious words
of sermons and books.
Let my eyes penetrate the veil
and tear off the mask,
that I can see your truth face to face.

St. John of the Cross

March 08, 2009

Incoming Tide ...


This week I had another picture of the tide that has turned.  I could see the small waves rippling in over the sand, just as we see on our beaches that do not drop away into deep water, but rather are wide and spread out, the water taking a longer time to come in and out over the expanse of sand.

There was someone lying there flat on their back in the sand, unaware of the incoming tide, and resting on the warm sand.  (I believe the person I saw represented many.)

As the incoming water became deeper, the person was disturbed but continued to lie there, even as the water began to cover them causing them to cough and splutter as it ran over their face.

Then, suddenly the water was deep enough to lift them from the sand, and they turned over and began to swim with the flow of the tide.

I felt this was a picture of where we are with the shift right now.  Those who have been watchful and prepared are feeling the freshness and joy of the greater presence of the Lord. 

However, those who had lain down and given up waiting are being overtaken by the tide which has turned and is coming in.  It is very uncomfortable for them as they are over-run by the unexpected, and they are restless and feel as though they are thrashing around in unknown territory.

The kindness of God is that He is not put off by this and continues to build His love and presence around each one, so that in His timing they will understand the strength and fullness of that love and turn and begin to move forward with Him again.