September 13, 2007


The way God's creative power is released and works is astonishing. Recently I have begun a new area of work in the women's refuge with a scripture the Lord gave me at the start. When I asked for something to sustain me in this time He clearly spoke "John 15:16".

You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you to go and bear fruit - fruit that will last. Then the Father will give you whatever you ask in My name.

Because this call is one to touch lives and primarily to pray, the scripture covers absolutely EVERYTHING I need. I feel empowered to go, know there will be fruit of this time, and to ask with great boldness for what is needed in that place!

NEVER have I walked in such an empowering word before, I can feel it alive and active, strengthening me, giving me boldness, courage and faith. It is totally amazing and joyful.

This has led me to dig deeper, and yesterday as I prayed, I could feel the power of God's river running over and out of the areas that He has secured. It was within me, but outside of my strength and power, and I thought of the scripture I love so much in Ephesians 1:19,20.

and His incomparably great power for us who believe. That power is like the working of His mighty strength, which He exerted in Christ when He raised Him from the dead and seated Him at His right hand in the heavenly realms.

There is this amazing flow of life-giving power from the Father (the creator of ALL things). This great power is released FOR us, and was exerted IN Christ to raise him up. I am seeing and experiencing something beyond what I have previously understood. This great power comes out of the Will and Heart of God, and is released FOR those who believe in Who and What God is. He reaches IN and has His way over EVERYTHING because our belief/faith makes a way for this great surge of life to flow.

This is not 'drummed up' faith because we think/know we need to have it to see something happen. No, this flow comes through, over and around, a peaceful and quiet knowledge and love of God. Not from a place of human strength and striving, but from the surrendered, submitted soul, spirit, life, of one who has TRULY given his/her life into the hands of their Maker.

The difference is like looking at a skillful, beautifully executed painting that is pleasing to look at, compared to a work of art that is less perfect and skilful, but pulsates with life, passion, and carries something of the very life of the artist.

We can sing a lovely song with a God-given lovely voice, but when the whole of the life is given back to God, that voice becomes HIS instrument through which He pours something that touches, moves, changes the hearts and lives of the listeners.

It is not about religious piety, but about LIVING with THE WAY,THE TRUTH, THE LIFE, HIMSELF.

His river flows over all the rough and uneven surfaces of our human lives, washing, cleansing, healing, smoothing rough edges. It flows on and outward as He begins to release this life FOR us, into our circumstances and world around us, into what we bring to Him in prayer.

Now we truly become prayer in a new way.

Whoever believes in Me, as the scripture has said, streams of living water shall flow from within him". By this He (Jesus) meant the Spirit whom those who believed in Him were later to receive. John 7:38,39.

September 08, 2007




Many prayers arise out of fear of the outcome of the circumstances we find ourselves looking at.

We (finally) begin to speak these to God (and maybe in some cases this was His intention - to get our attention and some conversation!).


Having prayed out of our fear and concern, we often then go on to do whatever WE can to fix things.

However, having opened conversation with God, it would be better t wait for His reply … could be an instruction, an action (His or ours) or the need to wait for His timing. We may sense a need to change our attitude or actions.

Most people don’t WAIT for His answer.

King David 'inquired of the Lord' and did what he was instructed with great results - most times! The bible account shows us how messy things got when he didn’t do that!


Many times a situation arises and people start shooting off prayers as a response to it. This is rather like an army running on to a battle field in times past just shooting off arrows in all directions, sometimes wounding their fellow fighters.

Battles are won with wise strategy. Perhaps one, well placed big gun, carefully aimed, would accomplish much more with less loss of life.


It is ok to talk to God AND to talk to one another, hearing God's wisdom through others, determining a strategy and a direction.


The enemy would like to draw us to fight on his terms - out of our frustration, fear, anger, pain. It is important to stop and come before the Lord about our response. There is a difference between raw anger and righteous indignation, between personal reaction and a burden arising from how God sees and feels about something.

E.g. Prayer against demonic assignments - His wisdom is to pray for the hurt and brokenness that brought people into these beliefs; for their healing and their salvation.

There is no weapon in the enemy's camp to fight the love of God.


Prayer is love in action - love for God and love for each other - His creation.

This will be displayed with words and with actions - it is still prayer. Either way there is an outflow of this love towards God and others.


As we begin a life-time conversation with God, He begins to reveal Himself, His heart, and His ways. We begin to reflect what we are looking at. We begin to find His life and mind formed in us more and more each day.


All our thoughts, words, actions, and especially motives, begin to show that they've been in the fire of His presence regularly.

We begin to abide (live always) in the secret place (Psalm 91) and to know our refuge and shield personally.

We know that He contends for us and will keep us from all harm.

We KNOW His greatness, faithfulness, goodness, kindness, power and unfailing love.


NOW, we find ourselves praying out of faith and total trust in our God and His ability.

Now we begin to pray out of His wisdom and His word.

Now we 'pray believing' in the One who does the work and answers the prayers - we will receive answers and be amazed.

Daniel 11:32(b) (Amplified Version)

"…but the people who KNOW their God shall prove themselves strong and shall stand firm and do exploits (for God).