August 05, 2005


My friend is sick, and my heart is troubled that he is in Africa, serving God, and has become so desperately ill. My friends' home was broken into - violation of their private space - and some possessions taken, and my heart is troubled that they have been upset in this way. My young friends are battling for their marriage, and my heart is troubled that this is taking place, even though I know that coming through this will make them stronger.
It is good that my heart is so troubled for them. I do not feel an absence of God in all these circumstances, but the quiet reassurance that He is here, knows and is involved in each of these circumstances. It is good that my own heart is stirred to be constantly remembering them and reminding the Lord that I also care what happens.
It is this higher perspective that gives us hope and life. It is not a place of desperately grappling with and for something in the midst of the trees, unable to see anything but the problems. No, my heart is at peace in His love and yet stirred for the plight of others. Is this not the mission of prayer. I know that God 'looks on the heart of a man' and knows that it is feeling the distress of another. I believe this makes a way for His love and compassion to flow into their circumstances, and for help and change to come swiftly to them.
So, my heart remains troubled for my friends, but it also remains at peace and knows that help is on its way!

August 04, 2005


This is where the name came from as I begin putting the things I see on this blog - it was a wide-awake vision of an eagle flying, and with it came a strong sense of new things ahead for those who are willing to pay a price and be extended beyond their present comfort zone - lost in the trees, never quite finding their way, or finding that there are constantly obstacles in their way!

I can feel the raw newness of what is ahead. It is raw, fresh, and edgy in a way we haven’t felt for quite some time. It looks like bush/forest, wet from rain, when the sun comes out. You know it is beautiful but not comfortable. It is beautiful but still being viewed from a distance and not yet engaged.

I see the eagle swooping and dipping in the clear blue sky above all of this, seeing it’s surface but not knowing what is hidden below the shining, glittering, surface. No space to land has appeared.

As the eagle swoops over the forest many smaller birds begin to emerge and also fly around above the trees, as if they are being awakened to their ability to do so. Their numbers increase until there is much activity. “Cannot see the wood for the trees” comes to mind.
It seems something new has begun but it is not visible in the midst of our current life and circumstances. I see a very strong prophetic call being released to call people up higher. As they rise to this call and seek all that heaven offers them, they will move into a clear space and begin to see and move in the purposes of God in a fresh and new way. There is a clear distinction here – the call is to the purposes of God, not of man, and this will not be found by man’s direction, but by the leading of the Holy Spirit.

Felt to read Psalm 139 as is seems to give good direction for this journey which is INTO the Lord.

As I watch the flying eagle, smaller birds, and glistening treetops, the sun appears to shine continually brighter, and the sky becomes filled with golden light.

The scripture that seemed to cover what I was looking at is found in Ezekiel 43 v 2:
…and I saw the glory of the God of Israel coming from the east. His voice was like the roar of rushing waters, and the land was radiant with His glory.

August 02, 2005

First blog!

This is the first go - so it is an accomplishment in itself! Guess you could call it 'take off'! :)