December 29, 2005


As this year draws to a close I am hearing and thinking much about WISDOM. It is interesting that it is one of the gifts God gives to His people, and yet I hear far more about those who seek the prophetic gift, or healing, miracles and faith - it causes me to wonder how many have actually asked that they might be given a measure of the gift of the message, or words of, wisdom.
Since I was very young it has fascinated me that Solomon, considered the wisest of all men, and who incidentally became a very wealthy man, was asked by God what gift he wanted. In a dream the Lord said "Ask for whatever you want me to give you" - WOW couldn't we all come up with some wonderful answers to such a question!
Solomon's reply was that he wanted to have a 'discerning heart' and God's response was that he would give to him a 'wise and discerning heart'.
As a teenager I read this and figured if that was what a wise man would ask for it had to be a good idea - and so did the same! Only time will tell if that request has been granted, but it began in me a life time pursuit of something that was better than the so-called wisdom of this world that hasn't led us to a very good result.
As we walk towards a new year I find myself again pursuing this and feeling that it is in God's heart for us all at this time as we are going to need it.
In 1 Corinthians 2:7 Paul speaks of "God's secret wisdom, a wisdom that has been hidden and that God destined for our glory before time began."
So much is written and spoken of the pursuit of His glory, but perhaps the route is a different one, maybe it would be a better idea to be pursuing wisdom?
If the "fear of the Lord is the beginning of widom" it brings us full circle back to the place of loving HIM with all that we have, of seeking first the Kingdom of God and He promises that everything else will be added to that.
Maybe Solomon in his God-given wisdom understood this, knowing that to have a wise and discerning heart would always bring him to this place?
David, Solomon's father, had esteemed wisdom, and maybe he passed this on to his son with very good effect.
Anyway, we do well to learn from the past - that is wisdom in itself.
Blessings for this coming year of 2006.

December 08, 2005


I am writing this with the full understanding that we only see in part, and I have a true sense of this being the beginning of something new the Lord is opening up to me in prayer and intercession. However, this morning it seemed there was revelation coming with it that might be helpful to others who have found themselves caught in this process, and for that reason alone I am emailing one or two to share what has been happening. If it makes no sense feel free to spit it out!

A little background first. For many years I experienced a particular kind of identificational intercession that is extremely painful but whenever I was drawn into that place I would see results come quickly afterwards, so I really believe it was a drawing and working of the Holy Spirit. I am not talking about emotional stuff here, or the flaky things we see in intercession, but it goes deep and breaks through walls.
This lifted for a while during the time I was in a leadership position in the church and had to approach prayer on a more corporate, and at times, national level. However, in the season of having left all the corporate things behind, there seems to be a return to this type of intercession, with even more intensity than before.

Recently I felt the Lord making me very aware of what the ‘breaking’ of His body meant. Some of you may have read the comments I put on my blog, but basically I saw how incredibly precious each one of us is to the Father. His great desire to be close to us meant that He took the most precious One He had and allowed Him to be literally ‘broken’ for us. As He was showing me this I ‘saw’ that there had been a breaking open in the heavens at the time Jesus was broken – if you like a piece of open heaven that allows us access to the throne room any time we want to go there in the Name of Jesus. Most times we don’t even think about it, let alone access this place and draw down what has been made available.

Jesus began the work of forming HIS BODY here on earth when He rose to sit at the Father’s side. This Body is formed by His instruction that we should love the Lord our God and each other with everything we’ve got! When events take place that are contrary to this there is a ‘tearing’ in the very fabric of HIS BODY. Way beyond the pain and damage that is done to human beings when relationship in families and churches breaks down, there is a tearing in the spiritual realm that is even more significant in its effect.

The last few weeks I have experienced intense physical pain and also a high degree of emotional pain whenever I’ve been talking with, or praying for, people who have been involved in such situations, either causing them or affected by them. At first I thought it was my own reaction because of past events, but it has continued to escalate to a point of becoming almost unbearable. Usually when this happens in intercession, the Lord will bring me to a breaking point on the issue myself, where the whole intercession releases to Him and events quickly take place after that. (Unfortunately that point has not yet been reached!)

The greatest pain has been on my mind and on my back – my back literally feels as if it has been whipped and torn open a lot of the time right now. As I experience that I remember that it is by His stripes we are healed, and that healing is ‘in His wings’.

I believe that He wants us to look at what has taken place in our lives, families, churches etc. with new eyes. As we embrace the tearing and brokenness with forgiveness and humility, I believe He is going to move us through the place of His breaking in the heavens to release something new to us in the earth. Last year He told me He would begin to show us the mysteries, and I believe that revelation is coming now.

As we understand that the healing He is releasing first of all into the ‘spiritual tearing’ of the fabric of His Body is now taking place, then we can begin to cry out for it to be released fully in His Body on the earth. It will be in this looking beyond ourselves, and loving and caring about what has happened to His Bride, that He will bless us with a new release of His Spirit and a new wave that is to come. I believe the prophetic people in the nation are already feeling this and there are areas opening up before them where they will have particular influence. We need to be careful to not make our area the whole, as even in this we see only in part.

Just as there was a great release when Jesus was ‘broken’ for us, so there is coming a new release as we have been ‘broken’ for Him. I am very excited about 2006 and sincerely hope this encourages you also.