September 17, 2014


This has been quite a week with more nonsense on the airways than usual because the elections are taking place on Saturday, and it's only Wednesday!

Today as I drove through South Auckland I looked at a young woman on the side of the road and saw the deep concern on her face.
I passed a beautiful older woman with the circle of flowers on her head that made her look like a princess.
I spent the morning with women who are rebuilding broken lives and families, who laughed and cried, and told stories that would break the hardest heart.
These were all real people, with real lives, real feelings, and their own important stories.

At a farewell to someone who has given years of their life to putting safety nets in place, and lifting many out of the depths of human despair, I cried as I listened to those who have hearts to really see human dignity restored and lives given all the help and opportunity they deserve.

Where I walked people are seen as individual, precious, full of potential and promise, and every effort made to unlock these and thereby increase the richness of our nation.

Then I turn on the television!!
Why does a political debate have to be the greatest example of bad manners and lack of respect I've seen all day?
Why are people's lives and opportunities being bandied around and traded for votes, or worse still totally ignored by those only interested in sensationalism and bad-mouthing those currently in leadership so they can score points against those who upset their personal plans and comfort zones!

As we go to the polls this week I hope that we will consider what will be best for all areas of our society, and who will give consideration to the deeper issues that cannot be changed or improved with legislation.  Is there anyone I can vote for who is willing to roll up their sleeves and walk alongside someone for a mile or so in a way that counts, not just for a great photo or another couple of votes?