September 14, 2010


1cross 100 

I am weeping today over the pain of carrying a dream, on and on and on, every so often coming near to it's fulfillment and then seeing it snatched away, often by the hands of someone with wonderful intentions but very little knowledge of the depths that have been added to it over years of holding it before the Lord in my heart. 

Each time I give it back to Him, knowing it must remain in His heart and hands, He gives it back, always having added a little more of His substance which enriches it and makes it even more precious ...... and of course even more painful the next time it is trampled!

The cross at the top of the page hangs on my wall.  It is encrusted with both everyday objects and others that are more precious.  You can look at it for a long time, constantly finding new treasures.

I guess that is what God is doing; adding, changing, enriching, and the only way to the final outcome is the cross.  That place of beauty and death that we embrace because Jesus embraced it first and showed us the way through.

Recently I was reading an article by T. Austin-Sparks about Jesus speaking to the disciples before beginning his final journey to the cross.  His wonderful words are a constant source of comfort and also of inspiration ... "I will build my Church" ... it remains with Him to do what He paid such a great price to accomplish - heaven help any man or woman who would think they can touch this and put their stamp on it, or profit from it.

As I read I was struck again by Jesus' statement, knowing that He was standing looking at what was before Him, and then even further out at what stood on the other side of the cross.  It is probably the most powerful prophetic statement of all time!

Who and what did He look at with such powerful longing and desire, that it made the terrible path to and through the cross possible.  Can we believe truly that it was you and I He made that journey for?  Once again I am rendered speechless by such love, and also by the knowledge that each of us rises again from death to stand in the life He has purchased for us.  As He looks at us and says "Mine" that same power that raised Jesus, and you and I, is released to pour out into all those precious people and dreams we hold before Him in our hearts.

Let's keep carrying the dreams, letting Him add to them the silver and gold that result from being refined again, and again, and again... so that ultimately everything shines with the light and glory that only He can impart, and He can wrap His loving arms around ..."My Church" .