April 14, 2009



Yesterday as I was spending time with the Lord, I asked about the steps forward, anything that He would show as we move ahead into what we cannot see.  He spoke something very personal to me, and then I could see the glow of very bright lights and felt He said:

“I am going to turn the lights on now, much of what I have allowed to be hidden will now be illuminated.
Many who have been listening to me in the darkness will find themselves in the places I have been preparing them for.
I do not plough forever and the seeds I plant must germinate and bear fruit.
Look for the growth and the fruit that will most surely come forth at this time.
Don’t be afraid of those who oppose this, my work draws opposition.
Continue in the way I direct you, knowing I am where I send you and walking with you.
Believe what I say.  You have waited and watched.  You have watched many plot their own course and achieve their goals.
This is different.  It is a greater thing that I will do in this time, for men have truly not conceived what I am about to do and will be astonished.
No, this is not about judgement, it is about gathering, bringing to Myself what I have created – gathering hearts, minds, lives, into relationship with me.
What you will see now is for eternity, hold on to that knowledge and apply it to all you see.
There will be more, more than you have sought and asked me for.”

These are the scriptures that followed:
Philippians 3:6
Acts 16:10
John 15:14
I believe these scriptures contain key elements for our journey forward.

Then I felt to read in the Jewish New Testament translation John 14:27 and it was as if Jesus was speaking to us right now: (you know it’s something I have preached over and over)
“What I am leaving with you is shalom – I am giving you my shalom.  I don’t give the way the world gives.  Don’t let yourselves be upset or frightened.”
Ahead of this in v.25 He speaks of the Ruarch HaKodesh who will come.  So to this peace the Father added the gift of His Spirit.  We have all we need to go forward.