September 20, 2006


God works in such mysterious ways! Each time He surprises me I am reminded that He can do anything at all, and fortunately is not limited by my understanding - what a relief!
Just this week I was reminded again! After praying for breakthrough in someone's life, asking that God would make a way to touch her, He did exactly that - He made the breakthrough through touch!
In the midst of all the pressures of life, there came an opportunity to paint some fingernails, massage a pair of hands and arms ... just to pamper someone who had never experienced that before in her life!
Suddenly there was connection, a smiling face, joy, and a new sense of worth ... whereas it had previously seemed it was impossible to make any connection at all.
I think we make things too complicated. We look for huge cataclysmic events that are earth shaking and shattering, and because we think this way, we never take the first step.
This week a life was touched, and change began, in the very simplest way. Nothing happened because of my cleverness, or my skill, or even the words I spoke. He just allowed His love and His life to flow out of my life as my hands touched another pair of hands.
Please, please, please ... dont hold back because you think you dont know enough, cant speak well enough or dont know what to say. Just be willing to go. All Jesus asked was that we would "Go..." and we have to take a first step to be able to do that.
So, go and do what you are able to, in the place He leads you. Do it with a heart full of His love for the people He has made, and out of His desire to bring redemption and healing to His children. He will most certainly take care of the rest.