June 17, 2008


Today I want to republish a post from quite a while back as a reminder.
My heart feels concern as the Lord begins to reach out and touch His Body again with His power, and something cries out inside of me "Remember this is NOT about us!"
In the last move of God it was the most wonderful thing to know that we could experience the presence of God as we did - I felt like a child with a generous and indulgent father who lavished His love upon me.

Recently I was visiting a city church and saw a waterfall of fire ahead of this people. As it came nearer, the waterfall tipped over and became a net of fire that fell over the people. Behind the net were many shadowy figures, they were following close behind it.
It seemed that the Lord was throwing His fire over the congregation as a preparation for what the same net would contain.

Therefore, it would seem that the fire is to be embraced as preparation and we must let it do its work! The ones for whom this fire is being poured out, and who will be attracted to it as moths to a flame, are already running for the net!

Here is the post that was published as FLAMES OF FIRE (November 27, 2005):

His messengers are 'flames of fire' - just how fired up are we? Would anyone meeting me know that there is fire inside of me that burns with passion that is way beyond anything this world has to offer? Do each of us have any idea, or any desire, to have the smoldering coals that we call faith burst into life in a way that will not only change things around us, but bring us into disrepute in some quarters and cost us dearly?
How much do we truly desire this fire, that we could sing the amazing revival song :
"O God of burning, cleansing flame, send the fire!
Your blood-bought gift today we claim, send the fire today!
Look down and see this waiting host,
And send the promised Holy Ghost,
We need another Pentecost,
Send the fire today.
We have seen God move in many ways, but would we yet say we have had another Pentecost as we look at what remains after the fire?
What will it take? What would you give us God if we cried out loudly enough? How much of what you pour out could we manage to carry?
There are many questions, and while we ask them people are dying. Dying for lack of God, for lack of love, for lack of hope, for lack of healing, for lack....lack....lack.
Do we sufficiently feel that lack? Does it become our magnificent obsession to be in some supernatural way empowered by God to carry His fire and His flame out into the needy world - they will not be neutral - they will either love and embrace this or hate it and persecute!
HIS messengers are FLAMES OF FIRE

June 04, 2008


I believe that in these uncertain times the Lord wants to encourage us not to be concerned, anxious or afraid. This is a time of shaking that will unsettle many, but above all else I believe He wants to remind us THE HAND THAT SHAKES IS ALSO THE HAND THAT STEADIES. The Lord does not forget or overlook faithfulness, and reminds us in this day of the strength of His promises, they are true for all eternity! All that He has spoken to each one of us WILL come to pass, and He only requires that we would 'remain in Him'.

There are testing times ahead and many can feel their nearness, but once again the Lord reminds us of His promise to be with us in the water and in the fire, because He loves us, because we are His.

UK & Ireland 2007 059


In all the nations we see unfaithfulness or lack of knowledge of the One True God, their Creator. Everywhere we look there is war, famine, disaster and godlessness. In days of old Lord, You would take a man or woman whose heart was toward You, clothe them with Your Holy Spirit, power and wisdom, and use them on behalf of Your Kingdom. Thank you for your great loving kindness towards all You have made; that the rain falls on all! Please move again in our day Lord and raise up men and women after Your own heart, clothe them with Your Holy Spirit, and lead, guide and enable them to accomplish Your will.

Picture: The woods at Glendalough, Ireland. The monastic community at Glendalough was established by St. Kevin of Glendalough who died in 618 - the buildings still stand, the wood continues to grow, some trees fall and others stand - the things that God creates endure!