October 21, 2009

Borrowed Wisdom

This arrived in my inbox recently - it is way too good to keep to myself and helps us all hold perspective in testing times. :)


Enlargement through Perplexity
The facts are that there is often a larger service through a certain curtailment, a fuller life through a deeper death, a richer gain by a keener loss; and we have to look for the impact of the operation of God in us in a realm where the eye of man cannot trace....
Supposing the deepest purposes of God can only be realized by His hiding from our flesh all that that flesh craves for its life, and – more – supposing His work in us, whereby triumphant faith and obedience reach their highest form, necessitates His concealing Himself and accepting the risk of being considered to have been unfaithful?
There is no doubt that most of those who have been called into some of the most vital expressions of “the eternal purpose” have been trained in the school of apparent Divine contradiction, delay, withdrawal, and darkness.

T. Austin-Sparks

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